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We have a large offer different fabrics, suitable for the needs of your dog.

Harnesses for special dogs

Adapted to the special needs of our greyhounds. Exclusive materials, no chafing, perfect fit.

Cotton dog coats

Finally no more static charging. High quality thick cotton, with fluffy fleece inside. Easy to put on thanks Zipper.

Comfortable and safe on the go

For the love of dogs

We have been around since 2019, a year earlier I had fulfilled my childhood dream of owning a greyhound. In winter I needed a coat for him, everything I found either didn't look right or required a lot of effort, you had to either order abroad or send mail back and forth. In addition, customer service often fell by the wayside.

The Idea

I wanted to do better. In the meantime we have outgrown the small niche, have 5 employees, a great Ukrainian designer and a wide range of products. Because we are now bulk buyers of fabrics, we can offer prices in line with the market. At the same time, we manufacture exclusively in Berlin in the highest quality. I have tested all our products on my dogs, used them and washed them.