For our PJs and Jumpers we need the back length of your dog, this is measured from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail. The dog should be there

For harnesses:

The circumference of the collar does not correspond to the circumference of the neck, it is measured further back, where the harness sits.


For orientation, the weight and breed is a good indicator:


 size Breeds
XXS Windspiel, Whippet Puppies, 
XS Whippet bitch, Silken Windsprite, large greyhound
S whippet male, tender galga, podenco, beagle, cocker
S/M small galgo, delicate greyhound, large podenco
M Galgo, Greyhound, Saluki, Labrador, Husky, Dobermann, Ridgeback, Viszla, Weimeraner
L Borzoi, Great Greyhound, Afghan Hound, Deerhoud
XL big borzoi, wolfhound


The Whippet male (right) weighs 14 kg and wears an S, Tessa, the bitch weighs 10 kg and wears an XS.


The Saluki with 22 kg wears an M


The borzoi here with 40kg is wearing an XL