Stylish dog harness in classic tweed gray with rose gold buckles


Our harnesses are high-quality, robust, comfortable and at the same time unmistakably beautiful.

Fit: The Y-cut allows for an optimal fit. The waist belt sits far enough back so as not to chafe in the armpits, but at the same time far enough forward so as not to put pressure on the last ribs.

Material: The harness is made of three-layer tape made of durable gray wool tweed and a sturdy plastic core. The material is absolutely tear-resistant and is backed by a black, adaptable mesh. This ensures quick drying and optimal padding.

Design: The timeless herringbone tweed gives your dog the look of a British lord ;). It is an elegant and timeless design that suits any occasion.

Buckles: The buckles are made of high-quality zinc alloy, which are break-proof and are known from vehicle production.

Sizes: Our harnesses are not just suitable for greyhounds. We can make adjustments to ensure the harness fits perfectly. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure.

The matching three-way adjustable leash is 2 meters long and can also be purchased to create the perfect set for your dog.