Dog bed covers with standing lid made of luxury faux fur, for dogs who like to snuggle up


For dogs who like it extra cuddly and who like to retreat to a cave.

Replacement cover for the "Flake" dog bed or other round beds with similar dimensions. The cover has an elastic band and cord stopper and fits flush around the bed. Verysoft faux fur that doesn't charge. Special sizes are also possible on request. The material is thick and very high quality. Washable at 30 degrees.
The covers have a standing lid and there is a removable plastic tube in the lining. The covers are sewn to order, which takes between 2-3 weeks.

 Size Suitable for:
65 Flake S, Hyggebed S, Cloud 60
80 Cosybed S, Wouf Pouf S, Wolke 80
90 Flocke M, Hyggebed M, Cosybed M


Hyggebed L, Cosybed L, Woufpouf M, Wolke 100


Hyggbed XL, Cosybed XL, 


Flocke L, Hyggebed XXL, Cosybed XXL, Wouf Pouf L, Wolke 120


Cozybed Super+, Clouds 130


Wouf Pouf XL, Cosybed Monster