Safe can also be beautiful :) Velvet safety harness in dark red - comfortable and secure fit


Discover our excellent dog harness that combines design, quality and functionality in perfect harmony. With its well-thought-out construction and high-quality materials, it not only offers your dog safety, but also incomparable comfort.

High quality materials and construction:

Robust design: Made from a three-layer band, it combines durable red velvet with a sturdy plastic core to ensure absolute tear resistance.

Comfort through innovation: Lined with adaptable mesh, which ensures quick drying and optimal padding, it offers your four-legged friend the highest level of comfort.

Unique Fit:

Y-cut: The ergonomic Y-cut and the strategically placed abdominal belt protect against chafing in the armpits and avoid pressure on the last ribs.

Additional waist belt: For anxious dogs, the harness comes with a removable second waist belt that serves as double security. This strap can be easily removed once it is no longer needed, ensuring flexibility in use.

Style meets safety:

Elegant velvet red: The velvet red elegance of the harness, soft to the touch, combines seamlessly with the high-quality rose gold zinc alloy buckles. These are not only a visual eye-catcher, but also shatterproof.