Exclusive wool winter coat, optionally available in a savings set with a raincoat, the perfect companion for spring


Discover the ultimate combination of style, comfort and safety for your dog

Our premium wool coats are specially designed to accompany your four-legged friend through every season - perfect for cool autumn days to cold winter evenings. Made from a high-quality blend of 80% wool and 20% polyester, these coats combine the best of both worlds: the natural warmth and breathability of wool with the durability and ease of care of polyester.

Washable and practical

Thanks to the clever material composition, our wool coats are not only water-repellent and robust, but also machine washable. This makes grooming much easier and ensures that your dog always looks clean and well-groomed.


Temperature-adjustable for maximum comfort

The natural wool provides excellent temperature regulation, which will neither cause your dog to overheat nor freeze. This feature, combined with the high level of acceptance by dogs, makes our coats the ideal choice for four-legged friends who otherwise don't want to wear coats.


Safety in any weather

Equipped with a practical zipper for easy on and off and reflective strips on the back, these coats ensure that your dog is clearly visible even in low light conditions. The safety of your loved one is just as important to us as their comfort.

We offer a set here that includes a raincoat. This can be worn over the wool coat or on its own.


For the correct size, please measure the length of your dog's back, from the collar to the base of the tail. 

You can find more information about our wool coats here.