Surprise pajamas at a special price for greyhounds - optionally with a zipper


Perfect for slim breeds: Our surprise pajamas are specially designed for sighthounds such as Whippets, Greyhounds, Salukis and similar breeds. It takes into account your unique body shape with a wide chest and narrow waist to provide warmth and security without restricting freedom of movement. Each piece is a lovingly selected surprise that highlights your dog's slim line.

Choose your style - with or without zip: Choose between pajamas with a practical back zip for easy on and off or a model without a zip for seamless comfort. The zipper is carefully incorporated to avoid pressure points or discomfort. Choose the option that best suits your dog's needs and let us surprise you with a unique pattern.

Ideal for Greyhounds: Designed to meet the specific needs of greyhounds, these pajamas not only provide comfort and warmth on chilly nights or for older dogs with osteoarthritis, but also a stylish addition to their wardrobe. Our customers are always amazed at how much their dogs enjoy wearing these pajamas.

Tailor-made comfort: Back length is measured from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail to ensure a perfect fit. Simply choose the option you want - with or without a zipper - and let us choose the unique pattern.

For your loyal companions: Treat your greyhound to the comfort and joy of one of our surprise pajamas. Your dog is sure to appreciate the added warmth and exciting experience of receiving a uniquely patterned piece chosen specifically for them.