Puppy Harness Black selectable buckle color


Our harnesses are high-quality, robust, comfortable and at the same time unmistakably beautiful. You can ... a triple adjustable leash purchase for this.

Fit: Y-cut, the waist belt sits far enough back to not chafe in the armpits, at the same time far enough in front not to press on the last ribs.

Material: Three-layer tape made of durable red velvet and a stable plastic core. The material is absolutely tear-resistant. Underlaid with black, adaptable Mesh, which at the same time ensures quick drying and optimal padding.

Design: Classic black with metal buckles.

Schnallen: Made of high-quality zinc alloy, unbreakable, known from vehicle manufacturing

Sizes: This harness is perfect for puppies. Especially at the beginning, when everything that moves (or doesn't) is still interesting, it is important to the dwarf right and comfortable to secure. Our crockery is perfect for this.